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Journaling, Some tips

When I started therapy my therapist recommended journaling at the end of the day, and logging my pulling in a BFRB-Log that she posted on her website. I made sure to have my journal close by everywhere I went, whether I was out and about, in the car, at home, or work. Doing this helped us find trends that revealed where and when I pulled most often, and what was making me pull. When you log your pulling, you can either use the log that I linked above which you can customize by editing it through excel, or you can use a plain journal like I do.I have had many followers ask me how I journal, what do I write, and where do I start. This blog will tell you just that!

Logging your pulling.

When you are logging your pulling, consider these questions:

  • What did I pull? How severe?
    • I pulled: my hair, my eyelashes, my eyebrows, my body hair, my pubic hair. It was mild, moderate, or severe. Or I pulled for 20 minutes, I pulled 6 hairs, I almost pulled but didn’t, and so on.
  • Where am I?
    • I am: at my desk, in the car, in my bed, at work, in front of the mirror, on the couch, and so on.
  • What am I doing? 
    • I am: doing my homework, I am fighting with a friend or family member, i am working, I am driving in traffic, I am watching tv, working around the house, dealing with children, and so on.
  • How am I feeling?
    • I am stressed, anxious, bored, flustered, embarrassed, emotional, angry, upset, depressed, nervous, excited, happy, and so on.
  • What did I do to stop? Did it work?
    • I : used a fidget, taped my fingers, sat on my hands, removed myself from the situation, started drawing, writing, or knitting, ran my fingers through my hair instead, pet the dog/cat, poked my sibling, and so on.

Now, here is an example, straight from my personal journal:

November 13th, afternoon: Today has been hectic, and work was stressful. I am sitting at my desk doing my homework. I can’t figure this math out and its frustrating me. I just pulled out my split ends for about 20 minutes. I tried to use my robo-man fidget but I kept putting him down. Finally I left my desk and tossed the ball with the dog.

A common misconception is that journal entries and logs have to be long, drawn out, paragraphs explaining every emotion you are feeling right then and there, that they can not be short and simple. This can be discouraging because it is time consuming. But unless you want to take the time to put everything on paper, you don’t have to. Writing down just enough to give you the essential information will help you too. Even a cluster of words will work, if you are somewhere where it is hard to write everything down right then. Ex: Stressed, working, 3 hairs, fidget, didn’t work, walked outside for air. That will still accomplish what you need, and later if you want to expand on that it your journal, such as when you get home and have free time, then you can! Also, you don’t have to answer every one of those questions in each journal entry, you can tailor each entry to however you like it. Those are just the questions I ask myself!

I hope you find this helpful! Feel free to email me, kik, or send me a message on instagram if you have any questions! Email. stephanie@kickthetrich.com. Instagram @kickthetrich. Kik: kickthetrich.