I wish you a daisy…

Recently a follower posted this photo:daisy

This photo made my heart sink to my stomach. Society has this “wonderful” idea of what beauty should be. Elegant, perfect, romantic, complex, and strikingly attractive, like the qualities of a rose. The reality is though that beauty is nothing like what society imagines it to be. Society believes beauty lies within the color of one’s eyes, the shape of one’s nose, the curves (or lack thereof) of one’s body, the clothes people wear, the amount of makeup on one’s face. We no longer acknowledge true beauty, the natural beauty within each and every one of us. Society no longer acknowledges those with a powerful mind and a beautiful soul. It no longer notices the struggles someone has been through to become who they are. It has become completely superficial, and I find it utterly disgusting.

This is a letter I wrote, to the one who considers themselves a daisy. The purpose of this letter is to make the daisy realize that diversity is not a weakness. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her own perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty. The opinions of the simple minded are of no importance to someone who accepts themselves as truly beautiful, just the way they are. 

Dear Daisy, 

You ask me “Because really, who would chose a daisy in a field of roses?” Well, I would, I mean why wouldn’t I? In a field of roses, which seems quite contrary because I have never seen a field of roses, a daisy would be different. A daisy would be unique. It would say “look at me,” but it would do so humbly, because it thinks itself “just a daisy”. The simplicity of the daisy while surrounded by the rose, which is romantic and complex, would capture my eye and intrigue my mind. “What makes you so different daisy?” You are so soft, simple, and humble, so why amongst a field of what seems to be perfection am I drawn to you? How is it that you can stand so proudly in all your humble simplicity? You capture my eye as I if have just spotted a gem amongst the rubble. Tell me, Daisy, about you. Something inside me wants to know you, for you. What is it that makes you so strong, to stand amongst perfection while plagued by a world so stuck on the pursuit of perfection, in a world that is cruel to the ones who are not like the others; how is it that you stand so tall, just the way you are supposed to be? How is it that you do not blend like a watercolor painting, into the flowers around you? You stand there proud, with your simple white petals and dimply yellow center, looking as if you are almost smiling, relishing in the delight of the new day. You stand their without envy, at peace with the qualities you possess that make you unique, that make you the simple, humble, beautiful you. You must be so strong, Daisy. I can’t imagine the courage and inner strength it must take so live simply, in the shadow of the light cast by the search for perfection. That light is blinding and yet there you are, a daisy, a simply beautiful soul which accepts itself as it is without faltering under the pressure. Within you there is an almost unattainable strength, a strength that I almost can’t imagine. It is one that is stifled by this hunt of ours, the hunt for perfection. But you already possess perfection, because to accept oneself truly, as you are, and to live as the simply beautiful being that you are is perfection. By remaining true to yourself, you already have what most covet, true beauty and perfection.

With love. 


As you start this new year, remember these words. Do not let anyone make you fell inadequate for the way you dress, the amount of makeup you do or do not wear, the amount of money you do or don’t have, your relationship status, how “beautiful” you are and so on. The only opinion that matters when it comes to loving yourself, is yours. Society does not dictate your self love. 

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