Trichotillomania (which I will refer to as “trich” from here on) is an impulse disorder in which the patient experiences almost uncontrollable urges to pull out their own hair. The pulling occurs from places such as the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, body hair, and even pubic hair. The cause of trich is unclear at the moment, although it seems to be brought on by a variety of factors, and each case is specific to each patient. Because the of vast variation from patient to patient there is no single method of treatment for trich. Although trich has not been widely discussed or researched, trichotillomania is not a new disorder. It has only been recently that dedicated and specific research has been conducted on trich.

This page will serve as a resource to help you find up to date and informed resources on subjects such as “What is trichotillomania?”,methods for managing urges, links to help you find a therapist who specializes in trich, and online tools, journals, and logs. I will update this page frequently and feature items, websites, or methods monthly. Keep checking back to see if anything new has arrived!

Helpful resources.

The Trichotillomania Learning Center, or TLC, is an organization dedicated to providing free resources to those who believe they may have trich, are battling trich, are recovered from trich, those supporting or close to a trichster, and the general public. The website includes information on:

Current and updated research findings, as well as information on participating in a research study.

Methods to manage and treat trich.

Ways to get involved and volunteer.

Resources to find a treatment specialist or support group in your area.

Resources to find fidgets, fiddles, and other products to aid the therapy and recovery process.

TLC is a great place to visit for reliable information on all things trich, and dermatillomania related.

Fidgets, Fiddles, and therapy tools.

The Therapy Shoppe is an online store with a huge variety of therapy aids for many types of disorders and treatment methods. On my Instagram and In my blog I discuss my frequent use of “fidgets” to help re-direct my urges. I love the variety and vast selection that the Therapy Shoppe offers. There is something for everyone. It’s also a fun site to browse! The best thing though, it is very affordable, and you can order in small quantities such as one item, or larger quantities such as 50+Items. Shipping is also reasonable and pretty quick! (In my experience so far, I can’t guaruntee this for every user..). Some things you can find in the Therapy Shoppe are:

Fidgets and fiddle toys.

Skin Brushes.

Weighted Blankets.

Therapy Balls and Therapy Putty.

Oral fidgets.

And my favorite page… 175+ Items under $5.00!!